What is an Energy Management System?2021-06-21T13:13:18+01:00

An energy management system (EMS) is software that monitors, measures, controls, produces data on your energy that allows you to take action to reduce your energy usage.

Does your EnMS offer water consumption and management?2021-06-21T13:26:15+01:00

Yes, our EnMS, Energinet, provides automatic reading of meters and uploads of 3rd party information to measure and manage your water resources.

Does your system offer waste monitoring and management?2021-06-21T13:26:54+01:00

Yes you can measure and monitor your water streams or upload from 3rd party suppliers.

If I use this, can I achieve ISO50001 accreditation?2021-06-21T13:27:45+01:00

Yes. TÜV Rheinland UK have confirmed that the audit period will be shorter and a discount will available on the audit.

Can I set targets and KPIs for my business?2021-06-21T13:28:46+01:00

Yes. Targets and KPIs can be constructed to suit your business practices and processes. There are an unlimited amount of targets and KPI’s you can create for your projects.

Does your energy software provide environment and climate reporting?2021-06-21T13:16:47+01:00

Yes, GHG scope 1,2 and 3 are included.

Is there any limit to the number of buildings or sites?2021-06-21T13:30:51+01:00

No there are no limits to the number of buildings or sites you can have on the system. No matter what country or county they are located in, they can be added to the system.

Is there any limit to the number of users?2021-06-21T13:31:44+01:00

No you can add as many users as you wish. You can add users from within your organisation, your supply chain or external project stakeholders.

Can I import data from 3rd parties?2021-06-21T13:32:16+01:00

Yes. Energinet can import data from 3rd parties in a variety of formats.

Can I manage my energy projects, share information and store data?2021-06-21T13:17:21+01:00

Yes, an ISO50001 project management module is included. This also indicates ROI for projects.

If I use the system correctly will I start saving money immediately?2020-10-19T09:58:48+01:00


Is there any limit to the number of measuring points?2020-10-19T09:58:24+01:00


What is a measuring point?2020-10-19T09:58:04+01:00

A measuring point can be a physical meter, data logger, BMS interface, manual upload csv file, a virtual meter or a mathematical formula. We have a data integrator which enables the upload of most 3rd party data.

Can I ensure that the appropriate people in my business receive the required information?2020-10-19T09:57:40+01:00

Yes, email and reports can be customised to suit your business.

Will the system send me alarms?2020-10-19T09:57:21+01:00

Yes, alarm parameters can be set up to cover all aspects of energy, water and waste management.

If I have to submit GHG reports with my company accounts, can Energinet produce these reports?2020-10-19T09:54:53+01:00

Yes, the GHG reporting module follows the ISO14001 template process currently acceptable to most tax and revenue authorities.

Does Energinet have accreditation?2020-10-19T09:53:33+01:00

Energinet was one of the first monitoring systems to be tested. Independent experts of TÜV Rheinland certify that the energy monitoring system provides support to the user in implementing and maintaining an energy management system according to ISO 50001.

Does Energinet provide tenant billing?2020-10-19T09:52:33+01:00


Can I import data from my BMS?2020-10-19T09:49:55+01:00


Can you produce Greenhouse gas reporting in accordance with ISO14001?2021-06-21T13:33:23+01:00

Yes, you can create environmental reports in accordance with ISO 14001.

Can Energinet produce energy consumption and CO2 reports?2020-10-19T09:48:59+01:00


Is training included?2020-10-19T09:48:19+01:00


Can Energinet do automatic & custom reporting?2020-10-19T09:47:40+01:00


Does Energinet include energy management software tools?2020-10-19T09:47:11+01:00


Does Energinet include automatic measuring and monitoring?2020-10-19T09:46:19+01:00


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