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Our Ethos

We are an independent and trusted provider of innovative sustainable energy services to businesses looking for impartial and expert advice

Energy Consultancy

At icSynergy, we can provide energy demand reduction opportunity & feasibility studies complete with business cases for potential projects. We also undertake energy saving projects for a various clients in a wide range of sectors. No matter the size of your business, all of the projects are managed from start to finish. Depending on your business needs our project can involve some or all of our service offerings below.

Energy Surveys

Metering & Targeting

Lighting Design

Energy Awareness Training

Carbon Foot Printing

Project Management

Environmental Reporting

EnMS Implementation &  Training

Why use icSynergy for your Energy Projects?

Combined with our full-scope energy saving solutions, businesses can save 5-10% on energy costs immediately and comply with new regulations on energy saving, ISO 14001, ISO 14064, ISO 50001, ISO 15927 and DIN EN 16247, plus energy saving roadmaps like the UK Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

With the advance in technology and a pressing desire to reach net zero by 2050, managing your energy is essential to not only to hit the targets set by the UK Government by 2050 but also to ensure that you are maximising cost savings.

  • Cost effective

  • No Hidden Costs

  • ISO 14001 Compliant Templates

  • Up to 15% Cost Savings

  • Setup within 24 Hours

  • Fully Installed within 4 Weeks

  • ISO 50001 Compliant Templates

  • No Need to Change Suppliers

  • Fully scalable

  • User Friendly

Benefits of working with Energy Consultants

– Fixed business costs
– Energy strategy support
– Energy saving opportunities support
– Waste management reporting
– Energy reporting
– Greenhouse Gas reporting

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