Energinet: The energy management system that works

A few of the benefits you’ll receive when using Energinet

Up to 15% Energy Cost Savings

Users can experience up to 15% energy savings if the information and data provided is utilsed to target operational, procedural and behavioral changes and improvements across the business.

Full Compliance With Government Frameworks

Energinet is a web based, real time carbon, energy and sustainability management system, built to meet the requirements of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, ISO 14064, ISO 50001, ISO 15927 and DIN EN 16247.

Keep Existing Energy Suppliers

No need to change your utility suppliers or brokers. Energinet will measure and monitor energy and water usage from all fiscal meters.

Management System Setup Within 24 Hours

Your Energinet dashboard can be created within 24 hours ready to add meters and measuring points as required, Historic data can also be uploaded into the system.

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The Environment Report provides details of a company’s resource consumption relative to waste, energy, transport and more. It makes it possible to compare the situation from one year to the next. The report will make the management more aware of improvements of the environment and can also be used for compliance with company accounts audit procedures.

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The templates within Energinet are based on ISO50001 and ISO14001 standards. Retaining or achieving ISO50001 accreditation is much easier using Energinet.

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The UK became the first major economy to pass a net zero emissions law. The new target will require the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Energinet is the ideal business tool to support this legislation enabling you to monitor and mange your Scope 1,2 & 3 GHG emissions.

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The worlds most accurate energy management system

Unlimited Monitoring Points

There is no limitation to the number of measuring points, meters, calculation meters, virtual meters and can also be connected to an existing building management system.

Simple Installation

Energinet is web based and requires no special head end hardware to access the system. A user dashboard can usually be set up within 24 hours ready for use

Unlimited Users

The system is modular so there is no limitation to the number of users. You can chose who can see information both inside and outside your organisation.

Pay Per Point

The system operates on a pay per point basis over the length of the contract agreement. A point is anything that can be measured, meter, calculation, KPI etc.

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