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Let’s get serious about saving energy

Here at icSynergy, we’re serious about reducing the impact that businesses are having on the planet. We know that companies are starting to act and we’re here to help facilitate that change and enable your business to look towards a greener future.

The Environmental Report

Simply complete the form, giving us details of your utilities usage and business travel and we will send you back a report which shows your business’s carbon impact.

What can I expect?

The report is based on the Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG reporting protocol and will indicate the CO2 impact of your utilities consumption and associated business travel.

What data do we need?

We need your utilities consumption data which is easily available from your energy bills (water, gas, electric) and your business mileage.

What date range do you need for the report?

We can provide a report based on one months’ worth of data for a simple snapshot of your current situation. Providing a year’s worth of data will give a more substantial baseline of your carbon footprint.

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